Porsche Parade is fueled by volunteers. Parade is not only under the leadership of volunteers, it take volunteers like you to make everything run smoothly. Volunteering is a great way to meet PCA members from other regions.

We have volunteer jobs for every interest and ability. Most volunteer jobs are two-hour shifts, giving you plenty of time to participate in Parade events. Volunteer shifts are available beginning the Friday prior to Parade through the close of Parade. We need your help!

Volunteers get a free t-shirt and treated to party on Saturday at the annual Volunteer Party, where more prizes are given away than every other banquet combined.

Here are some events and activities you can volunteer with:

5K Walk/Run: Assist with setup, cleanup, and ensuring participants stay on route.
Volunteers needed: Saturday morning, the last day of Parade.
Art Show: Help receive artwork, secure artwork, and monitor the room. Remove displays and close out the art show at the end of the event. Open all days of Parade and needs volunteers on Sunday and Monday for setup.
Autocross: Set up the course, grid, work course, assist timing and scoring, hand out supplies, assist final tech, control traffic, and clean up afterwards. Volunteers needed: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Banquets: Set up and decorate for the banquets, take tickets, and assist banquet attendees.
Volunteers needed: Sunday night, Monday mid-day, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Friday night, and Saturday night.
Car Wash: Assist with traffic control, Volunteers needed: All days of Parade.
Concours: Field layout, sign placement, car placement, field marshals, traffic control, runners/timers, scoring. Concours Judges must be pre-approved by Head Judge. Volunteers needed: Monday
Concours Prep: Assist with organizing car cleaning area for Concours participants and general Parade participants. Volunteers needed: Friday prior to Parade through Sunday prior to Welcome Party.
Equipment: Assist with the delivery, placements, and collection of supplies for events. Strong, able-bodied workers recommended for Equipment. Volunteers needed: Sunday through Monday.
Gimmick Rally: Assist at the start tent, collect score sheets, and tally scoring. Volunteers needed: Thursday.
Historic Display: Field layout, sign placement, car placement, field marshals, and traffic control. Volunteers needed: Monday.
Hospitality: Greet and assist visitors, provide information, serve drinks and snacks. Volunteers needed: All days of Parade
Michelin Driving Experience Assist with the course set-up, work grid, corners, traffic control, post event cleanup, and waivers.
Parade Infomation Booth: Help answer questions and direct participants. Volunteers needed: All days of Parade.
Parade Check-In: Assist with checking in registered Parade attendees. Volunteers needed: Sunday.
Parade Kids: Assist in set up and running of the Parade Kids and Youth activities. Volunteers needed: All days of Parade.

Background Check for Parade Kids Volunteers

Consistent with many other service organizations PCA will conduct background checks for all Parade Kids Volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering for Parade Kids, PCA will send you a link to complete the background check at a later time. You will be asked to fill in information such as your name, social security number, and residence addresses for the past 7 years. All background checks will be conducted by a third-party agency. The reports generated may contain a verification of identity and information regarding any federal or local criminal history. Your personal information will not be collected or retained by PCA.
Parking Control: Direct vehicles to parking areas as attendees arrive and assist with trailer parking. Volunteers needed: Saturday and Sunday.
Parade Store: Assist store customers door duty, and check out. Volunteers needed: All days of Parade.
R/C Cars: Help with course set up, timing, and registration. Volunteers needed: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Tech Tactics: Assist speakers, monitor and work A/V equipment, and help with refreshments. Volunteers needed: Friday
Technical Quiz: Greet entrants, hand out quiz, monitor, collect, and score. Volunteers needed: Friday morning.
Tours: Tour volunteers assist in checking in attendees, organizing the cars and people into groups, and acting as tour group leaders and/or sweepers. Volunteers needed: Tuesday through Saturday. Volunteers must sign up for the tour they intend to volunteer for.
TSD Rally: Checkpoint and control workers, staging, and scoring. Volunteers needed: Tuesday.
Water/Ice: Assist with the delivery of water and ice at various outdoor events. Strong, able-bodied workers recommended. Volunteers needed: All days of Parade.
Welcome Tent: Greet and assist entrants as they arrive at the resort or hotel. Volunteers needed: Saturday and Sunday.