Parade Historics Display

Racing Through the Years – A Porsche Collection

Porsche has deep roots in road course racing from the 356 Speedster to modern day 911s. Join your fellow Parade members for a journey down memory lane paved with very special Porsches that raced and won. From tracks in Europe, to our own shores coast to coast, these lovely racecars made history, and more importantly, fond memories of good times together. We will have a dedicated space in the Grand Ballroom for a unique collection of very special Porsche Racecars.

Peter W Schutz, President and CEO of Porsche AG (1981-1987) coined the phrase, “Cars Don’t Win Races, People Do”. There are a lot of automobile manufacturers who participate in racing, however none have generated such deep emotional bonds of friendship and delightful competition as Porsche.

Within our own club the Porsche Club Racing program provides the unique opportunity for our members to participate in racing on the amateur level. From the spec classes to unlimited, members build out their favorite Porsche to be track ready and safe.

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the darling of the marque, the 914, we will have a special section of the Historic Display dedicated to some very special examples of the 914 prototypes, the 914, and 914-6s.

If you own a significant Porsche racecar, and are interested in participating in the Historics Display, please contact Lori Schutz by email at or call 972-890-7405.